The referendum about addicting to social media

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The referendum about addicting to social media
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The referendum about addicting to social media


In the name of Allah,


Question no.1

    The eminence of the religious senior leader Mohammed Al-Yaqoobi (May Allah saves him). Peace be upon you (Alsalam Alykom)

through our search to researches about the addiction of Social media, we have seen some of the believers spend long times daily on social media reach to the extent of addiction without feeling that. What is the legitimate judgment of such conduct according to the opinion of the grace of the repertory?


Answer: In the name of Allah,

Alsalam Alaykom with the bless, and mercy of Allah.

Spending hours on social media with no mental necessity enters the door under the title of the wrong play, the messing and what created us to mess around “so let them indulge ‘in falsehood’ and amuse ‘themselves’ until they face their Day which they have been warned of” [Al-Zakhraf: 83] [Al-Maarij:42]

Using social media should be used only for what it beneficial and fruitful, but oneself when it feels tired and exhausted therefore they could use them for a short period of time to regain energy.



Mohammed Al-Yaqoobi,

22 Shaaban 1442