The referendum of taking the vaccine for Haj

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The referendum of taking the vaccine for Haj
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The referendum of taking the vaccine for Haj


In the name of Allah

The eminence sheikh Mohammed Al-Yaqoobi, peace be upon you,

According the recent decisions that everyone who do Haj, he should be vaccinated and shown a proof of that to be allowed doing the Haj.

The question is: is it alright for the one to do the Haj for the first time and his name appeared again in a lottery of the Haj and that one is materially capable to take the vaccine or he is optioned to take the vaccine and go for Haj? Or not taking it (especially when the one is untrusted this vaccine and not doing the Haj?).

May Allah Saves you and makes you a cover for the believers.


The answer:


In the name of Allah, Alsalam Alykom with the blessing and mercy of Allah.

     Vaccination is the most important and obligatory. It should be taken and this can be dealt with the dealer of the journey. If someone fears to take a type of vaccines, he can switch to take another type of vaccination and surely if he was infected by some deceases or has a special case which taking the vaccine effects on his health or happened to be timed during the Haj another epidemic that fears him, postpone is the right way which this year of Haj should be shifted to the next year that not epidemic will be that moment.  Traveling is disallowed to him especially if he is in the case that couldn’t make the Haj. He could let anyone to do it on his behalf till he could make it by himself in the nearer future.

Mohammed Al-Yaqoobi

25 Shaaban 1442