Al-Yaqoobi: Imam Hussein’s ceremonies during the Coronavirus epidemic.

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Al-Yaqoobi: Imam Hussein’s ceremonies during the Coronavirus epidemic.
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In the name of Allah,

Al-Yaqoobi: Imam Hussein’s ceremonies during the Coronavirus epidemic.



     Unconditionally, Imam Hussein’s ceremonies consider being one of the greatest religious ceremonies. By its blessing, it impacts to preserve and persist the religion to be in the believer’s hearts and one of the most important ceremonies the human beings have to do is to resort to Allah. It considers to be the Allah’s clearest certified to working on and doing Imam Hussein’s ceremonies and in Surah (Al-Haj: 32) Allah says “That [is so]. And whoever honors the symbols of Allah - indeed, it is from the piety of hearts.”  WHO deemed COVID-19 as a devastating epidemic which infected millions of people around the world, thus so hard to be lived with it. Legitimately, in order not to let this epidemic to spread widely, people have to do all the health commitments by wearing masks, social distancing, sterilizing places and hands, preventing being in the crowds while others are doing Imam Hussein’s ceremony and other religious ceremonies. If there are screening testing devices to test people, People should be doing proactive tests and providing them with their safety permission paper for the sake of participating in the ceremony.

     By the blessing of the Almighty Allah, there are many videos in social media doing such rituals like this if the people can’t make it outside the house. They can make it inside with the attendance of the whole family members by listening to the preachers’ speeches. Ziyarat Ashura has many active features like fulfilling needs, removing scourges, obtaining rewards and act to be as problems solution if people read it daily as well as, infallible intercession in the Judgment Day.


     We have also not to lose the sight of doing other good things like donating blood, donating plasma of those people after being well from the COVID-19, visiting infected quarantined people at their houses provided hospitals with oxygen as well as for the people, providing them with extra needed medicines, overjoying orphans and help those in need too that saved their dignity by the name of Imam Hussein. In addition to that, posting Imam Hussein’s quotes to enlighten the roads to take the delusions and those not on the right track taking them away to the right side, or posting cartoons transmitting positives nobles actions to treat social phenomena and to do the obligation to promote the virtue and suppression of the vice.


      Iraqi people experienced that whenever they stick to the legitimate guidance and health procedures in the very first emergence of the virus, the infections were limited and it was something to be proud of especially in front of the world. The international specialized organization questioned about the secret of the why virus was so limited though Iraq was surrounded by infected countries. This situation carried on for three months until contravention occurred during Eid and that was the reason the virus abruptly spread. The infections jumped to numbers though Iraq in a situation that makes it unable to experience such adversities.


         In the end, we are asking Allah unfolding to us the harm and the evil and giving us the health and grant us his obedience as well as obtaining his satisfaction; He is the custodian of graces.


Mohammed Al-Yaqoobi,

19/ Dhul Hija/1441

September 9th, 2020