" The month of Rajab "

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" The month of Rajab "
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" The month of Rajab "
The blessings of the month of Rajab
The greatness of Rajab is due to two reasons:
1. Self-honor, and the great value that was given to those who performed work in it in a way that the same works did not amount to in the other months of the year According to the noble hadith, it has been called (Rajab al-Asb) because mercy is poured in this month.
2. The preparation for the hospitality of Rahman in the month of Ramadan starts from it where the friends of God Almighty enjoy their Eid in the Holy Month, whoever wants to receive that hospitality, and rejoice at the gift of God Almighty on that holiday, It must start work and submit applications - as it is said - from the month of Rajab, for consideration in the month of Shaban, And the divine decision is passed on in the month of Ramadan, This is the natural entrance to attain the special Divine Kindness, and although the mercy of God Almighty is wider than that.
grand Ayatollah sheik Muhammad Yaqoobi