" The month of Rajab "

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" The month of Rajab "
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" The month of Rajab "
Rajab, time duration for Divine Scents
The month of Rajab represents an appropriate environment and climate for learning about God because it is the special time duration for the special blessings of God and among the reasons that God Almighty blessed to obtain his pleasure, Whoever seeks these positions from God Almighty and makes his efforts, God Almighty gives it, this is a promise made by the Messenger of God (may God bless him and his family) It was narrated from the Prophet (may God bless him and his family) that he said: (God Almighty appointed an angel in the seventh heaven called The supplicant, and when the month of Rajab enters, that angel calls every night from it to the morning ; blessed are the doers, blessed are those who obey, God says: I'm the companion of anyone who sits down with me, I am obedient to anyone who obeys me and I am the Forgiver of those who ask forgiveness from me ,this month is my month and the servant is, my servant and mercy is, my mercy. Whoever called me in this month I answered him and whoever asked me I gave it, whoever asks for my guidance, I guide him, and I made this month a bond between me and my servants, So whoever grabs it will reach me.
grand Ayatollah sheik Muhammad Yaqoobi