"Corona virus changes the world and reshapes it"

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"Corona virus changes the world and reshapes it"
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"Corona virus changes the world and reshapes it"
The Corona virus causes various nations to examine their ethics, their ideologies, their values and their principles. We saw that a large number of volunteers in our country reached out to treat and serve the people suffering from the disease. Those who died of the disease were buried with full respect. And these services are still ongoing. They help families whose livelihoods are capped by curfew and quarantine; provide them with groceries for free. Serve public facilities and road sterilization and cleaning services. We see that some Western governments insist on implementing the Herd immunity policy which means not taking the necessary precautions to protect people and letting people down on their own so that those whose immune system is stronger will find salvation and those whose immune systems are weak, like old gentlemen and those who suffer from chronic diseases, will die. So that, with the salvation of the Savior and the death of those who die, the virus would be eliminated and the government could get rid of paying social assistance which, according to their view, are a financial burden on the state, however, what they are paid is tax revenue which they were paying during their job tenure. In this way, their human dignity was crushed, especially the elders, who deserve full respect in our law.
Muhammad Yaqoobi
28 Rajab 1441