final statement of the million of 40th visit.

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final statement of  the million of 40th visit

by the name of Allah ,

 praise be to Allah only and the praise is his right  as he deserves a lot of praise .and prayers and peace be upon the master of all creatures ,and guidance to the shown right , Abi-Alqasim Mohammed and his family .

peace be upon Al Hussein and Ali bin Hussein and the children of Hussein and the Owners of Hussein . who sacrificed their  lives for Hussein . we condolence the Islamic World and the whole World  on the 40th anniversary of Imam Hussein _peace be upon him _ Especially those who came from far away to the holy places of Imams _ peace be upon them - to learn from them the values of Goodness , freedom , perfection and the supreme humanitarian principles and to reject all forms of oppression , corruption , deviation , tyranny and slavery .    we congratulate the Iraqi people - processions , institutions and individuals -

on their great stand with all humility and altruism and love for the success of this blessed visit in its every details .   Millions of people acted as one beehive to provide all the visitors needed ,which stunned the whole world .and this great event would not have flourished without these blessed efforts . so they have the prestige that  Allah has prepared for the visitors of Imam Hussein _ peace be upon him-  ,it is unfair that the event ends without recording thanks to all of theme . and for those who gave all this tender to Imam Hussein , Allah will not let them down , nor will their charity be lost .


انا لانضيع اجر من احسن عملا

we will not wasting any Good job _Al-kahaf 30 . and it will make theme a vulva and away out and remove their concerns with the blessing of the Husseinieh's rituals and go away of the nightmare of corruption and save them as saved by the blessing of the former .

and I am reassured that the efforts brings pleasure to the heart of the promised Mahdi _ peace be upon him ­-  and it invites him to accelerate his blessed appearance as he sees millions of his Shiites  from dozens of countries gathering at the mausoleum of his Grandfather , the Master of Martyrs , peace be upon him .

declaring their followers and obeying to him -peace be upon him - and freedom from humiliation  , subordination ,backwardness and ignorance , we must remain victorious over ourselves that command us bad and on the demons of jinn and mankind .

it was remarkable the absence of politicians and party leaders from the participation of visitors in their march and offered food for theme and so from the cunning show movements that were deceiving the people by that. to continue their corruption and aggressive domination and  this recognition of the scandal and that the people have reached a stage of awareness and refused the injustice . so that these incredible lies . hiding behind the sacred titles they were calling . their felony against Islam was great and their words false promises that erased new doors of corruption and theft of people's money were not erased by them .

the day these millions went to end injustice and corruption from the


roots is not far away .having been inspired by their going to the master of martyrs Imam Hussein -peace be upon him -  all the meanings of reform and freedom and decent life and the rejection of humiliation ,slavery , contempt and neglect . unless corrupt oppressors remedy their repentance and work to keep injustice away from Iraqis .

 the religious authority cannot stand idly by looking at the people slaughtered with swords of poverty , deprivation , unemployment , corruption , ignorance, disease and live bullets. the religious authority believes that it is due to

support the claimants of their legitimate rights by peaceful means guaranteed to them by the constitution and all human rights laws , avoiding attacks on public and private property .

the country's leaders must act wisely , listen to the call of reason and humanity and acquiesce to the demands of the protesters and find a real solutions to their current problems and strategic plans lead to change in the corrupt system at its core , and avoid the policy of treason , conspiracy , accusations and so on . and this is not true to any unarmed youths who receive bullets with naked  breasted .

and we renew our call for the establishment of a council of wise men and experts in the fields of life and Iraq is rich in their likes.

to consider the problems of the country and the aspiration of young people the council offers successful current and future solutions and the ruling political class should refer to them and consult them .


the prosthetic solutions that are intended to spray ash in the eyes ...

no longer convince people who demand a free life

وان تتولوا يستبدل قوما غيركم ثم لايكونوا مثلكم  

if you turn away he will replace you with another people un like you

surat Mohammed 38

Mohammed Al-Yacoubi

20 sufar 1441

2019 -10-19