Stipulating the Permission of the Scholar-Leader in Revolting against the Authority

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Stipulating the Permission of the Scholar-Leader in Revolting against the Authority:

(Third) regardless of the ruling of revolting and the possible levels, it is impermissible to revolt against the authority unless a person obtains the permission of the just ruler, who is the Infallible Imam at the time of his presence. The permission would be taken from his deputy who meets the conditions and the qualities of leadership over the nation, when at the time of absence, and the evidence is clear:

1-  He is the rightful person to lead the affairs of the nation. It is impermissible to dispose in his authority unless by obtaining his permission. This command is the most peculiar of his rule.

2-  The just Imam is the most knowledgeable person of the right decision and its examination from its all aspects and intricacies. He is knowledgeable of the frameworks, benefits, and primary and secondary topics. There might be a cause for revolt; however, there might be an obstacle against it as we previously mentioned. He is the most capable of diagnosing all those matters.

3-  The narrations: the writer of Wasail mentioned a number of narrations in Chapter 12 of the Chapters of Jihad against the Enemy in the Book of Jihad. There is a narration of Bashir al-Dahan citing Abi Abdullah. He said, “I told him, “I had a dream that I said to you, “Fighting with someone other than the Imam required to be obeyed is not allowed just like the [consuming] carcasses, blood, and pork is not allowed [in Sharia law].” You answered, “Yes, this is true.” Abu Abdullah said, “Yes, this is true.””