The Diabolical Projects Prepared for the Arab and Islamic Region

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The Diabolical Projects Prepared for the Arab and Islamic Region([1])

Ways of Going Around the Gains of the Nation

Day after day, the diabolical plant intended for the Arab and Islamic region within the project of the “Greater Middle East”. The plan aims at tearing apart the unity of those lands and its social fabric, breaking down its states into smaller ones, and weakling regions so that only the Zionist entity([2]) would remain as the prevalent power in the region. Then this entity would continue to dominate after the failure of the previous policies of bringing the peoples of the region to their knees and controlling their revolutions through tyrannical regimes which use policies of brutality, ruthlessness, iron, and blood.

To execute this plan they have used several means, the main ones were military force, the petro-dollar money, finding their way around the uprisings of the peoples, confiscating their revolutions which were called: the Arab Spring. This occurred until they subjected them to their will and began controlling them through the regimes working with them in the region.

Sectarian War:

One of the dirtiest and most dangerous of means employed by those people is igniting a sectarian war and feeding the fire of sedition between Muslims through nourishing the feelings of bigotry and provoking religious feelings through base acts which no one –even the wildest of beasts- would perform. The last of those was defiling the grave of the honorable Companion Hijr Ibn Uday in the Rif of Damascus region on Thursday May 2nd, 2013 and attempting to move his remains to an unknown location had it not been for the alertness of the supporters who caught up with them and stopped them.

The Role of Religious and Political Authorities:

The weak and defeatist positions of the religious and political leaderships have no value. They, on their own, cannot build goodness nor defeat evil. The higher religious and political authorities have to take a stand which would influence the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the UN, and the EU to exercise pressure on the states which support and sponsor those misguided and corrupting groups and which control their movement so that they would force them to follow a more human and noble attitude. Even if those groups want to do nothing but fight, let them do so with honor and chivalry at least!

Exposition of the Western Roles in Nourishing the Issues of the Middle East:

We must expose those crimes and identify the western states which nourish them politically, financially, and through their media. They must know, now that they intend to arm them, that they deal with people who do not even respect the dead and their graves, so how can they honor the living and respect their diversity? How can they feel safe to the future of the relationships with those gangs? Who controls the movement of those human time bombs who have neither control nor regulation nor even a proper compass? If the western states believe that supporting those grouped would be in their best interest, then they must know that this is merely a short term illusion before it turns on them, and then they would not even know how to rid themselves of all of this. Let these states revise their policies before they get even more involved with those factions.

Package of Strategic Project for the Region:

These painful and worrying events must not be dealt with as singular and disconnected, we must place each one of them in its proper place within the system of strategic projects and tactical plans. This is what the populations of the region should be aware of, and especially the afflicted Iraqi people, which this diabolical plan placed as the fuel for this diabolical plan ever since the unjust occupation took over in 2003 and ending with blowing up the tomb of Imam Al-Askari in 2006 and the bitterly fierce sectarian war which followed it. This was also followed by political struggles for power and gains by people dressed in the clothing of both sect all the way until the events witnessed by our loved provinces over the last few months.

The Duties of the Muslim Populations

Our populations should:

1- Be aware and patient and disciplined. They should avoid emotional reactions and responding to provocations.

2- They have to refer in all of their actions to wise leaderships which are aware of the circumstances of our time.

3- They have to uphold their patriotic spirit which keep the children of the one nation together, and avoids bigotry in all of its directions, refusing all projects of division and weak mini-states fighting each other.

4- To rely on dialogue to receive their rights. Governments must respect their populations and deal with honesty and sincerity to make them happy, treating them all on the basis of the same principle: Citizenship. They must listen with honesty and transparency for the legitimate demands of their people.

5- In the meantime, people must be prepared for all possibilities. Most of the players on this arena are not heedful and all sorts of evil are to be expected from them.

May Allah protect us all from all evils and seditions, and from the evil of human and non-human demons, and turn their cunning against them.

([1]) Statement made by Marja Al-Yaqubi (May his shadow be preserved) on 12 Jumada Thaniya 1434 (May 4th, 2013) through a great number of cable channels after meeting a number of religious leaders in several countries.

([2]) The military aircrafts of the Zionist entity raided in the same evening of this statement a number of military camps and warehouses near Damascus using vacuum bombs which shook the earth in the Syrian capital.