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Donating organs


Question: Is it allowed for a living person to donate an organ from his body?


Answer: It’s not allowed to donate ones organs because it’s not considered his property however, if donating an organ that’s not harmful for the person can help save a life, then its permissible.



The ruling of fish that have no scales


Question: Is it possible that you could give us the reasons on why fish that have no scales are not allowed to consume?


Answer: There’s reliable proof that makes it clear that it’s not allowed to consume fish that have no scales but why Allah The Exalted has made it forbidden, Allah says in the Holy Quran (Hes not asked about what He does but they will be asked about what they do, {The Prophets verse 23})



A man imagining about a women


Question: What’s the ruling on a man imagining about a woman?


Answer: Allah doesn’t take an account upon what may come to one’s mind due to this being outside his control however, he must not allow his imagination or thoughts reach a point to where it becomes forbidden because this he has power over.



Wife and hijab

Question: I’m going to marry soon, so is it allowed for me to permit my wife to remove her hijab inside the house, being that I live with my family and I have brothers, so it’s difficult for her to wear the hijab for long periods of time in the house?


Answer: Its not in your hands to allow your wife to remove her hijab because its an obligation to carry out that which is obligatory, so its necessary that your wife wears the hijab even if your brothers are living with you in the same house. She isn’t allowed to remove her hijab in front of others who are not permitted to see her uncovered. She must be patient and you should try to improve your affairs in the future by getting your own place.



Using organs from the deceased for medical reasons


Question: Is it allowed to take certain organs from the body of a deceased person for medical purposes?


Answer: It’s not allowed due to the sanctity of the human whether alive or dead but if it’s necessary for gaining important medical information, then the body of a non-muslim should be preceded and used instead.



Wearing socks for women

Question: Is it necessary for the wife to wear socks while wearing the Islamic hijab while amongst the husbands brothers, being that they all live in one house?


Answer: Precaution should be observed in covering them.





Question: Sometimes doctors may advise the mother to abort her fetus due to certain deformities or complications, so in these cases is it permitted to abort the fetus?


Answer: These are justifiable reasons for aborting the fetus and it will be considered killing an innocent soul which requires a ransom of blood money.

If the body and form of the fetus is so deformed that it wouldn’t be considered a human, then is this case it would be allowed to abort it.



Carrying out acts of worship but not being an observant of hijab


Question: I’ve been praying and fasting for 15 years however I haven’t been observant with hijab.

I have the desire to wear it and I want to be a good example for my children, so what can I do to strengthen my faith?

Also my mother doesn’t want me to wear hijab.


Answer: The fact that you understand that wearing the hijab is from amongst the commandments of Allah The Exalted that must be observed is enough to encourage you and motivate you to wear it.

The commandments of Allah The Exalted and that which He’s forbidden can’t be compromised as Allah The Exalted says in the Holy Quran (These are the boundaries established, therefore don’t transgress the limits)

Also the fact that your mother doesn’t want you to wear the hijab doesn’t mean that you’re doing something disrespectful towards her because the fault doesn’t lie with you but with your mother because she’s not observant of the boundaries set by Allah The Exalted.




Wifes involvement in particular affairs of the husband


Question: Is it permitted for a woman to prevent her husband from going to a café or going out with his friends?


Answer: There’s no justifiable reason Islamically for her to do so as long as the act or place isn’t associated with forbidden things.

It should be understood by the wife that by dong such, it can cause a rift to occur between them but by strengthening the ties of love and connection will help treat this matter in a positive way.




The ruling in participating in betting in sports matches


Question: Is it permitted to participate in betting in sports contests such as horse racing?


Answer: Betting itself is forbidden and has no justification in doing so just to be able to help those who are poor because there’s no obedience for Allah The Exalted when the actual act itself is forbidding, so the ends doesn’t justify the means.



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