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Inquiries about disrespecting and cursing symbols that are held in high esteem by our Sunni brethren


In His Name The Exalted

To the Honorable Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi

Our dear Sheikh, on the day of commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Muhammad Jawad(as), some youth came out and were openly cursing certain figures that are held dearly by our Sunni brothers

What is the ruling on such actions?


In His Name The Exalted

Peace and blessings be upon you

This senseless and ignorant act has no connection whatsoever with the teachings of the infallibles and these types of actions carried out by some should have the attention from both sides (shia and sunni) and not allow it to sow dissension between them.

We’ve spoken at great length about this subject under the title (The schemes of Shaitan which are used against others) and we have warned and brought it to the youths attention to refrain from being involved in such ugly actions.

Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi

Dhul Hijja 7 1434



Not permitted for parents to spy on their children


The Honorable Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi has stated that the act of putting certain devices used for spying in the phones of computers of their children in order to spy on them and follow their every step is forbidden.

The reason being is that the act of spying itself is forbidden as Allah The Exalted states in the Holy Quran (Don’t spy on one another. {Chapter The Compartments verse 12}) even if the purpose behind spying is good but the means towards a goal must be correct in order for the action to be correct, not just the ends and goal.

Also if it’s been discovered by the sons or daughters that their parents are or were spying on them, then the parents should try their hardest to correct this or else the trust between them will be broken and this will greatly affect the relationship between the children and the parents.

However, it’s understandable to follow up with one’s children in order to look out for them and keep them safe from harm but without overstepping the boundaries of one’s freedom.

The Honorable Sheikh has not forgotten to remind and address the youth to not indulge in such acts that are not allowed nor that which may stir fear in the hearts of the parents or cause them to be suspicious of their activities

The same ruling applies to husband and wife, therefor it’s not allowed for either one to snoop around or invade the others privacy because this will lead the spouses to not trust one another and be suspicious of one another in which this will lead to many problems and issues in their marriage.



Autopsy of the deceased


In His Name The Exalted

To the Honorable Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi


Question: What is the ruling of doing an autopsy on the deceased in which they open up the body of the dead person in order to find out the reason of death?


Answer: In His name The Exalted; It’s not permitted to do an autopsy of the deceased, meaning its forbidden to open up any part of the body due to it having sanctity like a living person.

However if it’s necessary in making one free from a serious accusation or to fulfill the right of someone or to remove a serious harm, then in these cases its permitted to do so.

The autopsy done just for the sake of being curious of the reason of death has no justification and one who does so has committed a serious sin and must pay a ransom to the family of the deceased.


Prohibition of whats commonly known as legitimizing illicit wealth 


I’m a Masters student in the college of alMustafa in Qum and I’m doing a research on the legitimization of illicit wealth in connection with Islamic law and the laws of the country

I’ve looked into the different rulings from different scholars of fiqh but I haven’t found a satisfying answer or explanation that highlights the importance of this matter.

In His Name The Exalted

Peace and blessings be upon you,


Legitimizing illicit wealth is a source of destroying the economy and it also affects the behavior of others in a negative way.

It was a common practice amongst certain countries and it became something normal and accepted but it had a bad effect on not only the economy but the wellbeing of the people and being prevented from being able to make a living.

The world has recognized its threat and harmful effects and how to battle this ugly act and eradicate it. Even laws were formed that forbidden such practices and laid out a punishment for those caught doing practicing this act.

According to the Islamic laws within the shariah, it’s clear that there’s three points that affect the ruling.

1.)                         That which is washed; the money which one intends to purify and legitimize, the way in which it was obtained was forbidden itself like wealth earned by theft or the selling of illegal drugs or smuggling of oil or prostitution or bribes etc.

2.)                         The washer; The person or the second party who’s benefitting from such act. Therefore it’s forbidden to do such when it will help and benefit certain individuals that’s forbidden to help or assist them such as terrorists or groups that carry out forbidden acts like the mafia or oppressive rulers.

3.)                         The washing; the actual reason why the wealth Is being purified, such as the changing of money that’s not accepted in Islamic law like suspicious business, or businesses that help promote corruption or terrorism.


So from what was presented, it becomes clear that this act becomes forbidden when any of the three reasons are present, let alone all three.


In addition to the three above reasons there are other reasons as well such as:


1.)             That it’s generally seen as something that’s harmful to the economy and this itself is forbidden as it comes under that which is harmful to the society and it’s frowned upon by the community.

2.)             When government institutions use it in certain operations like banks, therefore it’s forbidden to use this wealth except with the permission of a qualified scholar who meets all conditions and requirements for being followed in taqleed.


There are exceptions to the rule such as a situation that one is in serious need like one who’s in a country which its laws forbid the changing of currency to another currency but this changing money is very necessary in carrying out a surgery or operation.

This type of situation doesn’t really come under the act of attempting to legitimize forbidden wealth and it’s excusable when the source of wealth isn’t forbidden.

Allah The Exalted says in the Holy Quran (..but whoever is driven to necessity, not desiring, nor exceeding the limits, no sin shall be upon him; indeed Allah is All Forgiving and Merciful. {The Cow verse 173})


There are other cases that don’t necessarily come under the same ruling but its actions are forbidden like giving a sum of money through a middle man to another in order to achieve a certain goal of obtain a certain position like one who comes to give a sum of money to a marja through a person who will deliver the money to the said marja in order to get the trust or be on good terms with him and attempt to get a position.

Or money used in order to flame division between Muslims.



Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi

1436 Safar 13





Defensive Jihad in Islam

The Honorable Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi

Peace and blessings be upon you,


Firstly I would like to describe myself, I’m a religious Christian from Iraq, from the city Mosul.

Right now I’m living in France in the city of Paris, studying in college about general knowledge of different religions and I will specifically focus on speaking with other faiths

Next year will be my last year and then ill obtain my Master degree

My paper that I will write for my Master’s Degree will be on the subject of Jihad(Holy War) in Islam and Christianity

My Professor has encouraged me to not only look into sunni sources but also shia sources. So I started reading and looking into books which are famous amongst shias such as Bihar alAnwar, Mizan alHikma, Man laa yahdaruhu faqih, alKafi and Tahdheeb.

Are there other sources in which will benefit me in this endeavor ?

Also can you give me advice on such a endeavor.

I wish as well that the Honorable Sheikh will help me to understand the difference between Jihad in sunni fuqh and shia fiqh.


In His Name The Exalted 

Peace and blessing be upon you,

We congratulate you on this auspicious day of the birth of our master, The Messiah Jesus(as).

Welcome our dear brother who’s from Mosul which is a place that has been the site of many hardships and oppression along with other cities in Iraq, May Allah help us all and bless us and remove the grief and hardships from everyone

These books that you’ve mentioned are not sufficient for such a subject because this subject Jihad requires new books based on recent and updated events which have occurred like the aggressions and injustice carried out by the terrorists who take the name of Islam only but their ugly actions are totally against the sacred religion of Islam.

If you look into the books of the scholars of taqleed you’ll benefit greatly from it and the book that we have published that has our rulings on the shariah, doesn’t have the subject Jihad in it because I’m in need of an opportunity in which I can discuss at length this subject in which it’s up to date with modern times.

In summary, that which you’ll find in the Holy Quran and the sacred narrations from the infallibles(as) is that its forbidden to kill anyone from mankind except in cases where there’s spread of corruption and the lives of people are threatened and the order of society or when there’s a prevention from practicing ones religion with freedom

Allah says in the Holy Quran (And fight them until there’s no more persecution and religion should only be for Allah. {alAnfal verse 39}) He has also said ( The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned. {The Table verse 33})

In Islam there’s not only innocent killing but also the act of waging war for the reason of expanding territory or obtaining wealth and war booty or forcing anyone into embracing Islam

War is only waged in order to eradicate oppression and corruption and there’s no compulsion in Islam, meaning there’s no forcing others from different religions to embrace Islam because other faiths have always existed alongside Muslims in a Muslim state.



Scholar Yaqoobi : Forbids any action which results in causing division amongst muslims in the Islamic communities    


Honorable Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi

Peace and blessings be upon you,

Some people carry out certain actions in which it causes division amongst Muslims such as disrespecting certain individuals that are held in high esteem by others

What is your stance on such actions?



In His Name The Exalted


Our stance on this subject is very clear and we’ve expressed clearly that it’s not allowed to do such actions or disrespect certain figures which are held in high esteem by others

These actions which cause division amongst Muslims clearly goes against the ways and actions of the infallibles and what they taught their followers.

Allah Himself has forbidden such actions in the Holy Quran such as the verse (Don’t wrangle and argue with ones another or else there will be division amongst you all and will cause weakness in your hearts and in your power {alAnfal verse 46})

So whenever there’s an increase in cooperation between two groups for example, there must be careful observance of unity and refrainment from anything that causes division.

Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi

Jamadul Thani 15 1436




Fasting in the Month of Ramadan and taking exams

The Honorable Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi

Peace and Blessing be upon you,

Some of us students who are in sixth grade find it very difficult to take exams because the month of Ramadan coincides with the same time that we take exams and because of the struggles we experience such as tiredness and the need for rest, it affects our ability to focus and give proper time for studying and reviewing.

Does the Honorable Sheikh allow us in such situations to break our fast and if not and we break our fast intentionally, what’s obligatory upon us with fasting and paying fidya (ransom)?


In His Name The Exalted

Peace and blessings be upon you,


One who’s able to fast with arranging a time and schedule in which ones studies won’t be affected in the future must do so.

One who wishes to break his fast so that he’s more capable of observing his studies, he can break his fast the legal way which is allowed in the shariah such as travelling 22 kilometers in the morning and after he finishes his small travel he can eat or drink.

In terms of one who broke their fast intentionally without an excuse isn’t allowed however when one thinks that he has the ability to fast and fasts that day but he finds it harmful and he’s not able to travel, he can eat and drink the amount which removes such harm and difficulty and he doesn’t go overboard with that, then he will have to make up the said fast that he missed.


Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi


18 Jamadi Akhir 1436




Questions about video games

In His name The Exalted

The honorable Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi


Many youth have become obsessed with certain games that are found on the mobile or computer such as Clash of Clans in which they spend so much time and effort playing it and also selling it to others.

In summary, the game involves groups of solders in the army whom fight one other in order to obtain landmarks or points.

This game has an effect on the youth and young children and also causes addiction to it by playing for hours and hours.

Does the Honorable Sheikh allow the playing of such games and entering certain places that involve the playing of such games?


In His Name The Exalted

Peace and blessings be upon you

After much research about such games and the affects it has, has lead us to conclude that one must avoid games like these because it not only affects the community in terms of conduct, ones religion but also the economy and all this is enough to understand that such games should be avoided.


Apparent deviancies in the community

 It’s been apparent that there are open deviancies that clearly go against the religion of Islam and the views of those who observe akhlaq (good conduct)

Some actions don’t become apparent in the community or society nor go past individual actions by a person unless the person becomes negligent and forgetful, then when this happens the person will lose that needed strength to fight against his lower desires and refrain from that which Allah has made forbidden. Then after that this person develops a sickness in his heart that is difficult to treat and heal.

So with that said, it is something that the people of the community especially the followers of the system of the guided scholars of the religion, want to get rid of and avoid and clean the community of these deviances with wisdom and good exhortation, holding on to an important action that’s necessary, enjoining that which is good and forbidding that which is evil. The Imam(as) had described this great act as a very honorable action

We encourage and call others to help and assist one another, applying the verse in the Holy Quran, (Help one another in doing good actions and don’t help one another in sin and transgressions, {The Table, verse 2})

We also encourage the people to work together as one body in order to bring forth this ideal form of society and help guide others by giving good advice and showing praise and appreciation for those who accept advice (There should amongst you a community which calls towards greatness and enjoins that which is good and forbids that which is evil. {Imran, verse 104})

1)   Some Beauty parlors put up on their places pictures of women that go against what Islam stands for, so they should be given good advice to remove these pictures from the places.

2)   Some groups that celebrate their weddings, whether it be male or female, and they carry out certain actions that are forbidden such as playing music, dancing or certain women dressing inappropriately in which it spreads deviation amongst others.

3)   Some coffee shops have some youth whom carry out actions that are forbidden such as exchanging films or inappropriate relationships and the use of drugs.

4)   Some families make the daughters dowry so high that it becomes very difficult for the man to meet this said amount even though the family knows the guy is a religious person who observes the religion however despite knowing this they refuse to pay attention to it and make the affair of dowry and marriage easier in which the result of this is is deviations being spread throughout the community.

This clearly goes against what the Imams(as) have encouraged their followers to observe in order to keep this great sunna alive.

5.) Some families who are descendants of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(ssawa) require for their daughters a husband who is also a descendant of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(sawa). We’ve discussed in length and details about this subject and how it keeps some women from marrying good and honorable brothers.


Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi


7 of The Month of Ramadan 1437






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