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The ruling on plastic surgery


Question: What is the ruling on plastic surgery?


Answer: Plastic surgery which is commonly known of today has many forms, so with each one there’s a particular ruling.

From these types, there’s the rectification of a deformity of the face for example and by not doing such a surgery, it causes hardship upon the person. So in this case it’s allowed.



Working with non religious people


Due to there not being many jobs available, I was forced to work at a shop with my Uncle selling tea but he doesn’t observe proper conduct and speaks in an inappropriate way.

I’ve tried encouraging him to change but he would go right back to way he was, so is it permitted for me to continue working with him?


Answer : There’s no problem in working with him and you should continue to advise him and try to guide him to what’s correct so perhaps he may change by Allah’s Will.





The ruling on fish that are sold which come from non Islamic countries


Question: There are certain types of frozen fish sold in the market places that come from countries that are not Islamic such as Asia, so what is the ruling on such fish and is it allowed to sell and buy them?


Answer: It’s not important that such fish come from non-Islamic countries but what’s important is that the fish have scales and that it was alive when taken out the water.




Polluting the environment


Question: Is it forbidden to pollute the environment especially when it leads to the rise of global warming and causes the places in which there are glaciers, to melt and this itself could cause those who live near these areas to be drowned?

Answer: It’s forbidden to carry out any action which affects or harms other people.



Picnics in general parks and beaches


Question: We are followers of the Honorable Sheikh and we would like to know the ruling on having picnics and general gatherings in places like a park or a beach so that we can socialize in a relaxing scenery and enjoy ourselves.


Answer: There’s no problem in that when it helps one to be at ease and to relax as long as the place is free from forbidden things.



Tafsir (Explanation) of the sixth verse from chapter 45


Question: In the chapter Jathiya 45 verse 6, we find that it says (Those are the communications from Allah which We recite to you in truth, then in what announcement would they believe in after Allah and His communications)

My friend claims that this particular verse is a clear proof that we are in need of narrations.

How do I understand this verse and interpret it correctly?


Answer: The need to refer to the sunna is clearly established in the Quran from the following verses : (Whatever the Messenger gives you, take it and whatever he forbids you from, refrain from it) or (By Allah they will not truly believe until they make you the judge in all matters and find no resistance with what has been decided) and also (He speaks not from desire but only from that which is revealed to him)

If there was no need to refer to the sunna then there would’ve been no need of sending forth the Messenger and just suffice with revealing the Holy Quran.




The Fate of infants who pass away in their infancy


Question: What happens to the infants who possess a soul and die?

What happens with them on the Day of Judgment?

Are they changed into angels as we sometimes hear from others?


Answer: In His Name The Exalted; The narrations make it clear for us that they will enter heaven but before doing so they will intercede for their parents who were patient believers.




Taqleed (Imitation) of Maraja from the past and acting upon obligatory precaution


To the Honorable Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi,

Peace and blessings be upon you

1.)                        Is it permitted to remain upon the taqleed of Sayyed Khoie or other than him from amongst the maraja of the past?

2.)                        Is it permitted to refer to others in matters of obligatory precaution that’s mentioned in books of Islamic rulings?


In His Name The Exalted

1.)                         We permit that if one was on the taqleed of Sayyed Khoie or Shaheed Muhammad Baqir asSadr or Shaheed Muhammmad Sadiq asSadr, to remain on their taqleed if they wish to do so and to refer back to me in newly occurring matters and issues.

2.)                         We stress that the mukallif (who who’s responsible in following the Islamic laws) to act upon the matters of law that have an obligatory precaution however if one finds difficulty in such a situation and wishes to try to lessen the hardship, then he can reach us and perhaps we will permit him to refer to another marja who’s next in superiority in knowledge, but one isn’t permitted to refer another marja in every matter that has an obligatory precaution.


Sheikh Muhammad Yaqoobi




Youth and temptations

Question: I’m in my youth but I’ve gotten older and still haven’t been able to get married due to the hardships of the expenses that come along with marriage.

It’s becoming very difficult for me due to the absence of having a partner to have relations with, so what’s your advice in such a situation?


Answer: In His Name The Exalted; Don’t entertain such a thought of carrying out an ugly act and even try to avoid the preliminary steps required for this act (fornication) and guard yourself and your modesty by taking a wife for Allah will indeed assist and help you.

There’s a narration that highlights an important point, it says (Ones sustenance will increase by getting married and having children)

So I encourage you to take the beginning steps in getting married and discuss this subject with your family and close friends for I’m sure that they won’t fail to help you and assist you in such an important affair and we also help those who are looking to get married with assistance.




Menstruation and reading from the Holy Quran


Question: Is it allowed for a menstruating woman to read the Holy Quran or are there certain conditions that must be met?


Answer: In His Name The Exalted; Its permitted for a menstruating woman to read the Holy Quran as much as she wishes and its not just recommended for non-menstruation women but also for a woman who’s menstruating.

However the chapters which have verses that if read one must prostrate, must be avoided. These chapters are (Surah Sajda : Chapter 32, Surah Fussilat : Chapter 41, Surah Najm : Chapter 53, and alAlaq : Chapter 96)

However is she hears these being recited by another person, it will be obligatory for to prostrate.

In light of that, it’s a shame that some women leave this great act in the period of menstruation and even in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Also one who’s menstruating must be aware that it’s not permitted for her to touch the text of the Holy Quran because this is conditional with being in the state of purity.




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