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Obligatory Precaution


Question: Can one refer to another scholar in matters of obligatory precaution?


Answer: An issue which isn’t clear with proof in general or it goes against established proofs then yes but in matters that come under precaution, then no because not every matter that has an obligatory precaution is allowed to refer to another.




 Confusion between irregular bleeding (istihadha) and menses (haydh)


Question: When is it possible to know when the blood which exits from a woman is menses or not?


Answer: Menses is known by the dark red color, it doesn’t exceed 10 days nor shorter than 3 days.

Any blood that’s seen that doesn’t have such descriptions isn’t menses, and a woman who has a habit of time for example, if she sees any blood outside her habit then she will count that as irregular blood.



Being the most knowledgable is conditional with being followed

Question: Is a scholar, who’s to be followed in matters of fiqh, does he have to be the most knowledgeable?


Answer: Yes, we make it conditional for a scholar to be the most knowledgeable.



The ruling of Madhi during foreplay


Question: What is the ruling of madhi(liquid that comes out during foreplay) that comes out during foreplay with one’s wife, does it break ones wudu and is it impure if it falls ones clothes?


Answer: This liquid is pure and doesn’t break ones wudu.



Praying with others from different sects in Islam


Question: Sometimes we may pray with our Sunni brothers, so how should we pray in such a situation when there’s no turba (clay tablet) available?


Answer: Prostration isn’t limited to just turba, one can also use a piece of paper or anything that’s not used for eating or clothing.



Words of advice from a marja


Question: We see sometimes that a marja may give certain advices to his muqalideen(those who follow him in fiqh) but is it obligatory to follow these advices?


Answer: There’s no difference is the obligation on following the rulings and advice that come from the point of fiqh or from the point of view of general advice.



Obligation of following Wiliyatul Faqih


Question: Is following the wali faqih obligatory?


Answer: One must follow his marja in matters of fiqh and he should take his advice as well in matter of politics as well.



The ruling on the children’s parents preventing them from fasting


Question: What is the ruling of ones parents preventing him from fasting when he’s reached the age that its obligatory upon him?


Answer: This is wrong and goes against the principles of Islam.

If its obligatory upon you to fast then theres no obedience to ones parents when it means that he’ll disobey Allah.



Reading the Quran in the day during the month of Ramadan


Question: The issue of reciting the Quran in a way that’s not completely correct during ones fast, what’s your opinion in such a matter?


Answer: One must try his hardest in learning and practicing on how to recite the Quran the right way, and theres a narration that say (Indeed with everything theres a spring, the spring in the month of Ramadan is reading and reciting the Quran.)



Smoking during the day in the month of Ramadan


Question: There were some ppl who smoked during the day in the month of Ramadan claiming that Sayyed Shaheed Sadr allowed it and it doesn’t break ones fast.


Answer: We don’t allow this and remaing upon the taqleed of a marja whos past away requires the permission of the living marja and those who remain on the taqleed of Shaheed Sadr must refer back to me in matters of differences.




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